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CavClear® Rainscreen Mat WS (With Scrim)


Superior Drainage and Ventilation with the Advantage of an Integrated Insect Screen

CavClear® Rainscreen Mat With Scrim (CCRS-WS) is designed to be installed behind thin brick, manufactured or thin-set stone and stucco applications to manage moisture and moisture vapor.

It is important to design and construct an effective rainscreen system that will provide a means for drainage and ventilation. Moisture will find its way into exterior wall systems by way of gaps, penetrations, cracks in the surface of the cladding material, and cracked mortar joints. Since it provides the drainage and ventilation function for the system, CavClear Rainscreen Mat WS is an integral part of a successful rainscreen wall design.

Benefits of CavClear Rainscreen Mat WS

Apply a weather resistant barrier over sidewall sheathing. Please note some regions may require two layers of weather resistant barrier. Check local codes for more information.

Easy installation makes this product the fastest, easiest, most resilient way to provide a rainscreen layer and capillary break to your building envelope. Install CavClear Rainscreen Mat WS after windows and doors have been properly installed and flashed.

  1. Starting at the base of the wall unroll CavClear Rainscreen Mat WS from right to left with the four-inch fabric flap at the bottom, the three-dimensional (green) polymer matrix against the weather resistant barrier and the fabric facing the exterior of the building. Staple or nail every three square feet.
  2. On the first (bottom) course only, un-fold the four-inch fabric flap and tuck it between the (green) polymer matrix and the weather resistant barrier to create an insect screen.
  3. On intermediate courses, butt blue polymer material together tightly without overlapping. Pull four inch fabric flap over previous course (shingle style) and staple.
  4. On top course, invert the roll and unroll left to right with the four-inch fabric flap at the top. Unfold the fabric flap and tuck it between the (green) matrix and the weather resistant barrier to create an insect screen.
  5. Apply exterior cladding over CavClear Rainscreen Drainage Mat WS using manufacturer’s recommended fasteners and spacing.
CavClear Rainscreen Mat WS has a Class A flame spread according to NFPA285 testing, and contains a core polymer of UV stabilized polypropylene.

CavClear® Rainscreen Drainage Mat WS 10mm product meets the physical requirements of Section, Item 1b of the 2005 National Building Code of Canada and 2006 British Columbia Building Code.

Store in a clean, dry, sheltered area off of the ground until used. Protect from UV rays.

Downloads and Support

Product Data Sheet
Rainscreen Brochure
Guide Specifications
Installation Instructions
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Certificate of Compliance
LEED Credit Data Sheet
CavClear Rainscreen Mat

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