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The CavClear Line of Products

CavClear® Insulation System

The CavClear® Insulation System features the CavClear® Masonry Mat factory bonded to rigid insulation. The Masonry Mat will not allow mortar to make contact with the insulation.

CavClear Insulation System

CavClear® Rainscreen Mats

CavClear® Rainscreen Mat WS (With Scrim) and CavClear® Rainscreen Mat HD (Heavy Duty) are designed to manage moisture and moisture vapor by creating a capillary break between the exterior cladding and drainage plane.

CavClear® Masonry Mat

CavClear® Masonry Mat not only protects the weeps in a masonry design, it also addresses mortar obstructions throughout the height of the air space, not just at the flashing levels.

CavClear Masonry Mat

CavClear® Weep Vents

CavClear® Weep Vents are available in a variety of colors to blend with the mortar of your projects. The unique notch feature of the CavClear Weep Vents facilitates rapid drying.

CavClear Weep Vents
Our firm has exclusively used CavClear products for many years now. CavClear products are superior in quality, easy to specify into our designs and simple to install.
Jason A. McGraw, Architect, The Van Hooser Partnership

Don’t your projects deserve the very best products in moisture management?

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