Our Mission

CavClear’s mission is to be the industry leader in the development and marketing of innovative and environmentally responsible products that respond to the needs of the construction industry – specifically architects, engineers, builders and masons.

Our History

For more than 20 years, CavClear has been the leader in the industry and continues to bring new and architecturally innovative products to architects, building engineers, contractors and masons. Although others have followed our lead, CavClear was the first to offer moisture management and air space maintenance solutions with the CavClear masonry product line for installation not just at the flashing levels, but throughout the full height of the masonry wall.

CavClear’s forward thinking product development process has resulted in updated and improved solutions in air and moisture management. The same design integrity and environmentally responsible philosophy remains at the heart of all our current endeavors.

Moisture Management

Specifying and executing moisture management strategies are key components to the design and construction of commercial and residential buildings. Environmental stresses including temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation impact the sustainability of construction as well as the health of occupants.

Complete Protection for Your Projects

CavClear products offer complete protection for all masonry drainage walls (brick, block and stone veneers) and all structural wall systems (concrete block, structural clay tile or brick, and steel or wood/stud sheathing systems). Our products allow air and water to flow, promoting reliable drainage and ventilation of the air space. Install CavClear continuously throughout the air space to ensure complete protection and performance of the weep system and air space. Isn’t it time you specified CavClear?

The Solution? Install a CavClear Product Full-Height

CavClear Rainscreen Mat WS (with Scrim), Rainscreen Mat HD (Heavy Duty)Insulation System, Masonry Mats and Weep Vents are engineered to maintain a completely clear space behind the exterior cladding, creating a continuous drainage path to manage water throughout the life of the building.

I believe that the use of CavClear will improve the overall quality of masonry cavity walls.
M. Kim London, Geotechnical Engineer

Isn’t it time you started specifying CavClear?

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